I just say what you're thinking.

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i look before i leap, but leap in anyways. i always look at the bigger picture. i'm a corny sap. i get bored really easily and quickly do something to solve it. i love mystery. when i can't have something that i want, the chase for it always thrills me.

i live for the moments where i can learn or see something new.

my favorite type of drawn art involves pictures of urban fashion, people, and lifestyles.
the world is my muse.

my family is the most important thing in my life. they have been there to support me
through EVERY problem i've had. the love that we have for each other is unconditional.

my crew consists of a very broad group of outgoing, hilarious friends.
for those that already know me, there are a million reasons why i hang out with the people that i do now.
i've done a lot of growing up and i've put my past behind me.

i'm looking forward to meeting new people.

i'd VERY much like to befriend people with artistic minds.
if your journal has a lot of art in it, please let me know.
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